"So, I finally decided that I needed personal trainer to motivate me to exercise. I've gone to a few trainers over the years but it wasn't until I found Juliet that I realized what it means to have "personalized" training. She has a multi-faceted approach to training. Not only does she focus on aerobic exercise for cardio health and resistance training for muscle fitness but she also focuses on flexability exercises and training for balance, agility and coordination. She is professional and is always there to provide that little push to keep me going. After just four months of training, I look more fit and feel healthier than I have in years. Lately people have come up to me to say how good I look. Thanks goes to Juliet, she is pretty much AWESOME!" - Shirley Chang

"I've been with Juliet for almost 2 years... about 6 months after starting training, I sprained my ankle and she immediately modified my workout to accommodate the injury. Due to misdiagnosis from the doctor's, it was discovered that I had a couple torn ligaments and required surgery. She was awesome during this process! She reserved my normal workout time for when I was ready to come back to training after the surgery and has been very proactive in my recovery.
Additionally, Juliet has spoken with my physical therapists to incorporate their suggestions for a speedier recovery into my workout, is very conscientious about not aggravating the injury, and all the while still pushing me to do my best!
She even went above and beyond the call of duty for a trainer by taking me to the doctor after my surgery to get the cast cut off when I couldn't find a ride! I highly recommend her as a great trainer and person."
- Becky Harrison

"I've been training with Juliet for over two years. Even with my irregular schedule, I have managed to maintain a healthy weight and athletic physique thanks to her training and the techniques she has taught me.
Before I trained with Juliet, my weight fluctuated. I could never seem to keep it off and maintain. Her method of resistance and core training really works. I lost 15lbs in the first month of training, and built muscle.
I have been within the same 10lbs range ever since that weight loss, and when I step up the amount of sessions per month, I look and feel even better. Juliet is also very knowledgable in the areas of physiology and ergonomics. Being a professional drummer, I have often picked her brain about proper body movements and posture. Her advice has always helped.
I can't recommend Juliet enough. She's a must if you care about your body and your appearance."
- Steve Hass

"Juliet is the best trainer I have ever used. She is devoted to her clients' well-being, dedicated to their improvement and enthusiastic about their progress. She has trained me for about 5 years and, as a result of her knowledge and hard work, my aches and pains have disappeared, my osteoporosis is no longer, and my body has changed (for the better). Not only that, but I'm much stronger and have more energy.
There is no one I would recommend more highly."
- Sue Salenger

"Juliet is great!!! She is very dedicated and helpful in keeping you motivated. You can tell you are working with a professional that cares about you. She keeps in mind your previous injuries to design a workout that can help you without harming you. I highly recommend her!! It is hard to find personal trainers as good and caring as her!!!" - Alexandra Lee

"To find a personal trainer in LA all one has to do is: a) throw a rock, b) swing a dead cat, or c) go through an exhaustive research and interview process.
For me the answer was C. I interviewed 6 different trainers in the Hollywood/LA/Studio City area and made my choice - Juliet.
I have several injuries due to poor training technique and age (50!) and I needed someone who could communicate and work with my physical therapist as well as advise me on proper nutrition, weight training, goal setting and motivation. Most of the trainers were proficient in some areas but weak in others. Juliet has the perfect combination of skills and experience. But that is only the beginning.
Juliet is also sweet, kind, and really hilarious (at the appropriate time, of course - she does not spend our sessions lobbing one-liners at me). She has a no-nonsense approach to fitness and a broad range of knowledge on the most up to date training and nutrition approaches/theories. She is therefore able to adjust every workout appropriately to accommodate whatever complication you might bring her. For me it has been labral tears, patellar problems and rotator cuff shenanigans. She works carefully through every session ensuring a great workout with little risk of compounding the injuries. Her knowledge of proper nutrition is also invaluable. I have been working with her for only a few months and my progress has been remarkable.
I could go on and on. I have just re-signed with Juliet for 16 more sessions and I look forward to every session. Please feel free to contact me for additional details about this wonderful professional."
- Neil Monaco